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This project was originally thought up by Seth Alexander, me, the person writing this. After attending the Flatiron School Online Web Developer Program, I worked part-time as a Teaching Assistant for them. I consistently would mention the NashDev Slack network and I would consistently be asked by students how they could find similar networks around them. I found my local Slack network as one of the best resources as I started my career in web development. One day I went looking for such a list. I found an amazing one put together by the people over at Standuply. However, I thought it could be improved if it was pulled off of Medium and curated by the community that makes up the majority of Slack. A lot of us contribute to Open Source so creating an Open Source project to house and maintain such a list just seemed like the right thing to do. It also seemed like a way to have a larger group of people working on this.

Community from the Start

This project started with members of the freeCodeCamp Nashville community as the main contributors. We had been looking for a project to work on together and this was a great fit. We hope that you find a network and get plugged in. If there isn't one in your area, start one!

Slack List
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